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Mouse Cage With Tunnels

Mouse Cage With Tunnels

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Bono Fido Large Mouse Cage w Tunnels

An ideal pet mouse starter kit, with a non toxic powder coating and pleanty of excercise area.

Mouse Cage Size: 47 ? 30 ? 27 cm (measurements exclude tubes)

Tubing adds about 7 cm to the left, 4 cm to the right and 7.5 cm to the height.
Includes a free water bottle. Bar spacing is about 7mm.

Main Features:

Fun Tube - A tube that goes from the upstairs platform travels outside the cage and eventually to the bottom floor. Internal clearance is 4.7 cm.
Classic House - Provides shelter and hidding place for mice.
Food Dish - Away from floor.
Large Living Area - Bottom level.
Ladder - Allows mice to to travel up to second floor.
Exercise Wheel - Essential for any complete mouse home.