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Pet One Critter Roller 14cm

Pet One Critter Roller 14cm

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The Pet One Critter Roller is the perfect accessory for your pet mouse or rat. The well ventilated, clear plastic round roller allows your pet to get a view of their surroundings in the safety of the Critter Roller, all whilst keeping active! Always supervise your pet’s playtime, and be sure to keep them in a shady and safe spot when exercising. Once you feel they have had plenty of fun, return them to their home and be sure to have plenty of clean water available. 

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 20252 - Critter Roller (L) 27cm
  • 20251 - Critter Roller (M) 19cm
  • 20250 - Critter Roller (S) 14cm