Aquatopia Discovery 60L

Aquatopia Discovery 60L

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Aquatopia Discovery Tank Kit - 60L - 45 X 33 X 50cm


  • Corner filter
  • Biological filtration 
  • Easily replaced media
  • LED lighting 
  • Wide feeding lid
  • Energy efficient design - light only 12w and filter only 3.8w

LED Lighting 

The Aquatopia aquarium comes complete with natural looking LED lamps. 

Designed to provide the same spectacular colour rendition nature intended, the LED lamps blend multiple coloured LED sources to bring out the vivid iridescent colours of fish and providing far more natural colour rendering. 

Unlike fluorescent lamps, whose even light distribution can flatten the look of an aquarium, the multiple point sources of the LED lamps create light and shadow giving a dramatic three-dimensional look to the aquarium with far more visual impact. Visually, the appearance is very clear and crisp, with excellent colour rendition, resulting in a very natural looking picture within the confines of the aquarium. 

  • Low power consumption, low running cost on direct lighting, consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. 
  • Low heat generation, they are cool to the touch and therefore can be left on for hours. 
  • Long life, more than 50,000 hours, cost saving on lamp replacement.