BC Cage 0787 Parrot XXL

BC Cage 0787 Parrot XXL

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XL Open Top Parrot Bird Cage (0787)

Made specially for large parrots with extra thick bars and construction. Roof can be set up with a perch and feeding bowls making it ideal for hand raised or tame parrots to fly in and out of.

Suitable For: large Parrots like Macaw's, Cockatoo's, Galahs, Eclectus, Major Mitchells etc

Main Features:

  • Extra Large Size - Its room dearly needed by large parrots. 92 cm wide internally.
  • Attractive black vein powder coating.
  • "Parrot proof feeders". Each feeder has a locking mechanism that prevents them from tipping them over and spilling their seed.
  • Feeders are attached to swinging doors so they can be topped up from the outside. Avoids having to open the large door which can increase risk of birds escaping.
  • Floor grate allows pet waste to fall through to removable metal tray.
  • Floor grate is easily removable for easy cleaning. Simply pulls out from the front just like the tray.
  • Special door latch helps prevent door swinging open if left unlocked.

Dimensions (cm)

 EXTERNAL: TOP OPENED  111 W x 96 D x 189 H
 EXTERNAL: TOP CLOSED  111 W x 96 D x 174 H
 CAGE ONLY: EXTERNAL  92 W x 77 D x 142 H
 CAGE ONLY: INTERNAL  90 W x 74 D x 141 H
 BAR SPACING  25 mm W x 280mm H