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Bio Active Kit 4ft

Bio Active Kit 4ft

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Bioactive Terrarium Kit Fish Organic all in one Bio Active kit comes in three sizes 45cm, 90cm and 120cm kits.

Each Bio Kit comes with all the products to set your tank up, Drainage layer, Mesh, Coco peat, Bug Culture (Spring tails, isopods, earthworms.) and Dried Gum leaves.

To Set up place Drainage layer along the bottom of your tank, place and cut the mesh to fit nicely on top of your drainage layer. Spread out the coco peat over the mesh wire and pour the bug culture over the top, then add and gently mist the dried gum leaves to finish of your set up.

45cm Bioactive Terrarium Kit Includes - 4L Coco Peat - 5L Clay Balls - Bio-active set up culture - 150g Dried Gum Leaves

90cm Bioactive Terrarium Kit Includes - 10LCoco Peat - 12LClay Balls - 2 x Bio-active set up cultures - 200g Dried Gum Leaves

120cm Bioactive Terrarium Kit Includes - 14LCoco Peat - 15LClay Balls - 3 x Bio-active set up culture - 300g Dried Gum Leaves