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Birdzone Lite Sprouts 1kg

Birdzone Lite Sprouts 1kg

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Lite Sprouts

Fine, spicy shoots for big and small birds!

Premium Living Food for your Bird

A seed releases its stored nutrients as it begins to grow, creating a powerhouse of nutrition.

This nutrition is the highest quality nourishment available for your bird.

SOAK TIME              8 to 12 Hours

SPROUT TIME           12 to 48 Hours

  • More than doubles in Size
  • Easy to prepare
  • Human Grade & Organic Seeds, Pulses and Grains.

CONTAINS :  Alfalfa, Linseed, Quinoa, Brocolli, Millet, Chia, Mustard, Radish, Sesame, Mung Beans, Amaranth, Sunflower, Wheat