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Continuum Bact.rox Nitrazex

Continuum Bact.rox Nitrazex

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small size extremely porous filtration medium
for removal of nitrates, nitrite and ammonia in
all reefs, marine, freshwater aquariums

The Continuum advantage.

Bact•Rox Nitrazex is an extremely porous filtration medium designed to be used in all aquariums and aquatic systems for bio-filtration and particularly for nitrate removal. Each liter of Bact•Rox Nitrazex provides over 7,500 square feet of surface area internally for bacterial colonization, providing for nitrification and vast amounts of anaerobic or anoxic surface area to foster denitrification.

Bact•Rox will reduce the levels of toxic ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, as well as phosphates and organic pollutants in all aquaria. It may be used as your primary or only bacterial filtration medium. It works extremely well in nano aquariums, as well as systems of all sizes. It is particularly well suited to reef systems with live rock including FOWLR systems and will not foster problems that bio balls may. Use in a canister filter, reactor, or other type of aquarium filter with good water flow. Works well submerged or in a drip system.

Use in aquarium keeping.

For maximum results, should be used simultaneously with Reef BioPellet•Fuel or Reef Micro•Fuel, or Flora Viv Prolifera carbon sources as a growth accelerator for natural bacteria and/or with BacterClean•M or F, BacterGen•M or F, or BacterGen•MD microbial cultures, as appropriate, to jump start and maintain the colonization process at elevated levels.

Directions and protocol.

Utilize a minimum of 100 ml of Bact•Rox for every 10 U.S. gallons, ( 40 L ) of aquarium volume, more if bioload dictates. Rinse Bact•Rox well in purified tap water or aquarium water. Can be used rinsed, as is or for maximum results, pre-seed the product by placing it in a plastic bucket, submerged in aquarium water, and adding the recommended dose for your aquarium size of the aforementioned bacterial products (BacterClean or BacterGen). Allow the product to remain in this soak for 24 hours, stirring gently occasionally or agitating the liquid by pouring out and back into the container, gently. Place the seeded Bact•Rox into your filter. The use of a pre-filtration filter floss, sponge or other mechanical pre-filtration is recommended to prevent fouling.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, consult with a physician.