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Dymax Bottom Feeder Elite 160g

Dymax Bottom Feeder Elite 160g

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Dymax Bottom Feeder Elite delivers a protein rich nutritionally balanced all-vegetable diet that is high in fibre.  This food is formulated from a nutritious blend of ingredients including shrimp that contains a stabilized form of vitamin C and antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system that keeps the fish well.

To keep the aquarium water clean, the food is designed not to leach colour as well as made a reasonable size for fish to finish eating quickly without nibbling for a long period of time.

Catfish, Plecostomus, Loaches, Corydoras, Ancistrus, Otocinclus and other fish love this incredible food which has been made to satisfy their instincts and dietary needs.

  • Spirulina and Astaxanthin added to improve fish colour.
  • Suitable pellet size for quick consumption of food.
  • Include shrimp and vegetables.
  • Highly digestible formula.