Java Multi Branch with Toys - Large

Java Multi Branch with Toys - Large

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MULTI BRANCHES with TOYS are a step up from multi branches. They consist of a tough java wood multi branch that has toys on one of the branches. Toys generally include coloured java wood and bamboo, coconut, seashell, cuttlefish, pumice, and cob amongst other natural products attached to the branch by tough Pandan Reed. Mounting of the branch is achieved via a stainless steel attachment assembly at the base end. Minimal hand crafting, means that the perches retain all their original features of varying diameters, shapes and angles that a bird needs for foot, leg and general health. NATURAL, HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL and FUN all in one. Give your bird a TREAT with the ULTIMATE perch which you can customise with your own toys.

The stainless steel assembly resists rust and DOES NOT REQUIRE TOOLS. This means that installation and adjustment, including for maintenance purposes is easily done by hand without the need for tools.

3 to 5 dia x 30 to 40 long – Galah, Eclectus, African Grey