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Jungle Twist Flexi Vine - Leaf 1.5m

Jungle Twist Flexi Vine - Leaf 1.5m

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The Reptile One Jungle Twist Flexi-Vines are easy to bend and twist to create the perfect 3D habitat for your pet to explore.

Create a realistic and natural look by adding an extra dimension to the enclosure.

Features & Benefits:

  • The “Soft Feel” material protects your reptile.
  • Jungle Twist Flexi-Vines excellent for amphibians and arboreal reptiles to exhibit natural behaviours.
  • Can be used to increase privacy within the enclosure making your pet feel safe and secure.
  • Natural look and feel.
  • Bendable to fit your enclosure.
  • 1.5M in length.
  • Available in two styles.

Suitable For: Reptiles.

Available In: 2 sizes

  • 46748 - Plant Reptile Vine Jungle Twist Moss 1.5M
  • 46749 - Plant Reptile Vine Jungle Twist Leaf 1.5M