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Nino's Java Bird Toy - Bridge Toy

Nino's Java Bird Toy - Bridge Toy

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An ULTIMATE accessory for your bird. GIANT, TOUGH, PRACTICAL. Use the SIZE and FEATURES of Java Bridge to encourage the stimulating activities of FORAGING and CLIMBING. Look at the variety and detail of inclusions – cob, coconut shell and husk, pandan and reed balls, coloured java wood sticks JAVA BRIDGE is made TOUGH out of JAVA WOOD, NICKEL PLATED CHAIN and QUICK-LINKS. Because the main frame and chain is tough, you can RE-USE this to (RE)CREATE a NEW TOY. 

APPROX DIMENSIONS (cm): HUGE 60 long x 30 wide x 60 high

Note product may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times.