Ocean Free Pro-Discus Granules 250g

Ocean Free Pro-Discus Granules 250g

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DS-G1 Discus fish pellet is the latest technological breakthrough in fish nutrition for omnivorous cichlid especially for the Discus fish, Discus fish's natural habitat includes the floodplains of the Amazon where animal and plant proteins are scarce.

They have very selective sensory taste and require very high protein and calcium Intake demand especially when they are at the Juvenile stage.

Discus fishes also have a high demand for Astaxanthin and other carotenoids where they are needed for colour development. This feed is formulated to ensure that all strains of Discus fishes will be able to grow rapidly solely depending on DS-G1 as the only feed Intake and absorb all the necessary nutrients provided.

DS-G1 will also Improve the colour development in your Discus fishes and at the same time ensure sexual maturity when they reach adulthood.