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Ocean Free Pro Goldfish Pellets - Sinking 250g

Ocean Free Pro Goldfish Pellets Sinking 250gm

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Contains Opti-GF, a thoroughly tested Metabolic Enhancer that enhances the feed’s digestibility and absorbability by at least 30%. GF-G1 helps reduce the occurrence of common illnesses caused by indigestion by up to 80%. Accelerates Growth with a unique blend of ingredients that encourages a rapid but balanced development of head-formation, overall body growth, body-shape and finnage. Opti-GF also further improves the growth of the finnage by channeling nutrients to the vertebrate and bones. Increases Vitality with bio-formulated immune-enhancing substances that fortify your goldfish’s immune system for better health and extra resistance against sickness and viral diseases. Boosts Colour through high content of colour enhancing natural ingredients that brings-out, intensifies and maintains your goldfish’s coloration. The ingredients will also help improve the shine on the scales.