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Betta Fighting Fish Tetra 3-in-1 Select-a-food

Betta Fighting Fish Tetra 3-in-1 Select-a-food

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Spoil your betta with a selection of three tasty foods in one canister! A nutritious and colour-enhancing variety, choose from BettaMin Tropical Flakes (thin red flakes), Brine Shrimp Bits (freeze-dried natural shrimp) and TetraBetta Mini Pellets (tiny floating bites with natural colour enhancers). The easy-to-use canister allows you to dial and select the food you want and it keeps the contents fresh!


• 3 Foods in One
• Includes BettaMin Flakes, Freeze Dried Shrimp, Tetra Betta Mini Peletts
• Nutritious and Colour Enhancing
• Unique Multi-Selection Canister
• Ideal for Betta Fish