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Two Level Bird Cage 185cm H X 46cm D X 100cm W

Two Level Bird Cage 185cm H X 46cm D X 100cm W

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The Avi One Two Level Bird Cage is equipped with everything your bird needs to stay happy and chirpy. The bird cage comes with two levels which creates separate areas for your birds to live. Each level contains three perches and three feeders for your birds. The Avi One Bird Cages are the perfect home for your pet bird!

Features & Benefits:

  • Spacious design
  • Slide-out Trays for easy cleaning
  • Two large access double doors with locks
  • Includes six perches (20mm Dia) and six feeders
  • 4 lockable castor wheels
  • Multi-level Cage
  • Top Cage dimensions - 100cm W x 46cm D x 100cm H
  • Bottom cage dimensions - 100cm W x 46cm D x 60cm H
  • 2mm wire thickness with a gap of 11mm

Suitable for Small to medium birds