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X Large Triangle Guinea Pig Hutch

X Large Triangle Guinea Pig Hutch

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This is a premium quality bono fido rabbit hutch suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. Open (wire bar) floor design makes this hutch Ideal for placement on the lawn to allow your pets to feed on grass and play in a natural environment.

Dimensions : 


 116 W x 62 D x 53 H


 77 W x 53 D x 48 H


 35 W x 53 D x 46 H


 25 mm x 80 mm


 10 mm x 77 mm


 27.5 W x 32.5 H


 - Made by Bono Fido. Buy a hutch or coop that lasts! A company well know for their quality who specialize in hutches, coops and kennels.

- Wire floor at the bottom level gives rabbits access to grass while preventing escape via digging.

 - Treated weatherproof timber.

- Extra thick, powder-coated wire. More stronger and rust-resistant than regular wire mesh found on other rabbit hutches.

- Sleeping box timber floor is removable. The two pieces can simply be lifted up.

 - Even though all our outdoor timber enclosures are weatherproof, in the long-term  it is still recommended that a yearly coat of animal friendly wood protection coating be applied to help preserve the enclosure in its original condition.


- Small differences between the photo and the product received may exist.