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Zupreem Fruit Blend Very Small Birds 907g

Zupreem Fruit Blend Very Small Birds 907g

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Product Description

ZuPreem Fruit Blend Very Small Birds 900g is an extruded diet designed for very small birds. Contains Fresh ground fruit in every tasty bite and 21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Orange, banana, apple, and grape flavors. 

  • Recommended for Canaries, Finches and other very small softbills parrots that prefer this pellet size.
  • Trusted by Zoos Since 1968

Feeding Directions

Feed based on recommended daily amounts indicated below. Adjust amounts to ensure your bird’s optimum body condition. Feed daily to provide the foundation of your bird’s diet. Keep fresh food and water available at all times. Discard uneaten food before each feeding. As with all foods, wash hands after use and food and water bowls before each feeding.

Canaries & Finches (per bird): 1 – 2 Tablespoons Daily