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Dymax Bio-Glass filter media 1kg

Bio-glass 1kg Dymax

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Dymax Bio Glass rings are made from non-toxic, inert material that promotes biological filtration and will not break down in the filter, alter pH or affect water hardness. This product is made of extremely high porous natural silicate for maximum surface are permit large colonies of beneficial bacteria. Their highly porous hollow design effectively distributes the flow of water and allows massive colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow and settle inside each ring while the outer larger surface creates an environment for biological bacteria to remove ammonia and nitrite from aquarium water. 

This biological filter media is an ideal product to use in any filtration system and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. 

  • For freshwater aquarium, saltwater aquarium and pond use 
  • Suitable for trickle, canister and top filters
  • Highly penetrative porous structure 
  • Provides primitive living environment for microorganisms