Meet Our Team

Toowoomba Store

  Jess is our store manager and has been with Aquabird since 2010 and started her role as store manager in 2016. Jess is passionate about birds, hand raising birds is a big part of Jess' life and she does a fantastic job. You will often see Jess' hand-raised babies available in our store. Jess has a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Ruby, Louie the cat, Darwin the African Grey a variety of Budgies and fish tanks.
Mandi works behind the scenes here at Aquabird. Mandi handles the office duties for the store but has the same passion for animals as the rest of our staff at Aquabird. Mandi has an American Staffy called Rouge and a feisty Blue Fronted Amazon called Stella. 
Curtis is the youngest staff member in the store. Curtis has a passion for birds and if he is working then you are sure to see his hand raised Galah "Eagle" close by. Curtis has 2 hand raised Galahs and a hand raised Blue Fronted Amazon named "Hawk".  
Kris can generally be found in the fish area of the store. Kris has many years experience in owning fish and does a great job maintaining our fish tanks. Kris also completes the cleans for our aquarium cleaning service. Kris has a number of fish tanks at home as well as a collection of birds, chickens and 3 dogs. 
Debbie is the newest member of the Aquabird team but she has 3 years experience working in the pet industry. Debbie is passionate about all animals and has a collection of pets at home. Debbie has Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Reptiles and Fish.