Meet Our Team

Toowoomba Store

  Jess is our store manager and Grand Maester.  Jess is passionate about birds, hand raising birds is a big part of Jess' life and she does a fantastic job. You will often see Jess' hand-raised babies available in our store. Jess has a new little puppy named Archie, Louie the cat, Darwin the African Grey a variety of Budgies and fish tanks.
Curtis has an old head on young shoulders. Curtis has a passion for birds and if he is working then you are sure to see his hand raised Galah "Eagle" close by. 

Lachlan enjoys all things fish. You will find him keeping busy in the fish area Tuesday and Thursday. Keeping tropical cold and marine fish.

Bec is another family member, she has 2 staffy, about 6 fish tanks, chooks and a couple of guinea pigs. Now most of the time in the office. So, if you think something needs to be add or taken off the website, please see Bec.

Donica grew up on a farm and keeps many pets herself including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Chooks and fish. Donica's hobbies include Bushwalking, Caring for her animals and Travelling.
Dan has moved from Abbeys Cottage Cafe to the Pet Shop. He has worked for the company for 15years. Dan keeping up with the rest of us with Peachface and fish