Aquabird Bird Food & Grain

Avigrain birdseed mixes provide the seed component of a balanced avian diet. In the wild birds eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, nectar, grains, roots & tubers, nuts, grubs, animal matter such as insects and carrion, grit and even clay.  A pure seed diet will be relatively high in fat and low in nutrients particularly Vitamin A and calcium.  Seed is a vital part of a balanced avian diet but should not be the only part.  Although ‘complete’ diets such as pellets or fortified seed diets claim to provide a balanced diet they give bird-keepers a false sense of security and do not replicate natural conditions or nutritional inputs.  Also, while little is known about how the mind of a bird works, bird-fanciers will agree they are intelligent creatures and a monotonous pellet or seed diet will bore them.  A varied diet provides mental stimulation for caged and aviary birds.
Diet Suggestions
A clean water supply is a must.
Bird-keepers must try a wide range of fruits and vegetables to see what their birds like.  Fruit and vegetables provide nutrients not present in seed particularly Vitamin A.  Just about any fruit or vegetable can be tried except Avocado which is toxic to birds.  Iceberg lettuce may cause diarrhea.
Native gum nuts, pine cones, eucalypt branches and blossoms will all be welcomed.
Grits and cuttlebone are essential to supplement the diet.  Soluble grits such as egg shell, cuttlebone and charcoal provide minerals and trace elements such as calcium.  Insoluble grits and idgestion as birds have not teeth and grind food into a pulp in their gizzard with the help of grits.  Without grits birds may pass seed straight through thereby losing nutritional input.
Egg and Biscuit mix can be fed as well as meal worms or insects for protein.
Sprouted speed provides a highly nutritious and tasty source of food.  Sprouting can be time-consuming but bird-keepers should learn which seeds are suitable for their birds and the techniques required to sprout seeds.
Worming every three or four months is important and vitamin and mineral supplements are suggested.