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Aquaone Airstone 2 Inch/5cm

Aquaone Airstone 2 Inch/5cm

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Aqua One Air Stones provide ample oxygen and water movement, assist in releasing carbon dioxide build-ups and add an aesthetically pleasing element to your aquarium.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides ample oxygen and water movement within your aquarium
  • Assists in releasing carbon dioxide build-up
  • Releases a constant stream of fine small bubbles that will not disturb your aquatic inhabitants
  • Encourages healthy bacteria growth
  • Adds an aesthetically pleasing element to your aquarium display
  • Can attract active schooling fish and strong swimmers who often like to play with small bubble currents
  • Intended to be used with an air pump, check valve and airline tubing
  • Available in various sizes and styles

Suitable for: Coldwater and Tropical

Available in:

Small Airstones

  • 10328 - Airstone 3/4 Inch 2cm, 3pk
  • 10143 - Airstone 1 Inch 2.5cm
  • 10136 - Airstone 2 Inch 5cm

AirStone large

Large Airstones

  • 10139 - Airstone 4 Inch 10cm
  • 10140 - Airstone 6 Inch 15cm
  • 10141 - Airstone 12 Inch 30cm