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Aquarium Life Liquid 5ltr

Aquarium Life Liquid 5ltr

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This Product is 100% Environmentally friendly.
Contains no chemicals & will not harm our waterways.

This 100% Natural Liquid eliminates all major water changes, making the water crystal clear and free of unwanted harmful chemicals, bacteria and contaminants. This creates a well balanced fish habitat that makes keeping and breeding fish a whole lot easier. This product does it's job so well that you will no longer have a need for additional water conditioners.
Aquarium Life Liquid is suitable for tank or tap water and will remove chlorine from the water and should be used each month for best results.

Try Aquarium-Life Liquid on your:
• Tropical, cichlid, discus.
• Goldfish, koi, ponds.
• Australian native fish and turtles.
• Marine fish, corals and invertebrates.