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Jurassic Natural Aragonite Reptile Sand 3kg

Jurassic Natural Aragonite Reptile Sand 3kg

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Next generation reptile sand! Aragonite Reptile Sand is the next generation reptile substrate for all desert and arid dwelling reptiles including bearded dragons, monitor lizards and snakes.
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Biogenic

Extracted from the crystal-clear waters of The Bahamas and processed using state of the art technology in the USA, it is a biogenic, renewable and sustainable resource.

It is non-toxic, pigment free, silica free, and eco-friendly. By choosing Aragonite Reptile Sand, you will be making both a product performance and environmentally conscious decision.

Unlike other CaCo3 (calcium carbonate) sands that are destructively land mined and may be contaminated with other minerals and impurities, Jurassic Natural Aragonite Reptile Sand is:

• Marine harvested from a sustainable and renewable resource
• Environmentally friendly—production reduces CO2 emissions by over 80 times than mining land-based calcium carbonate sand
• Silica free
• Moisture absorbing
• Biogenic
• Edible
• Oolitic (naturally spherical shaped grains)