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Bioscape Polyfiber Filter Pad 25 X 45cm

Bioscape Polyfiber Filter Pad 25 X 45cm

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Durable polyfiber pad is ideal for removing small and large free floating particles. Removal of waste from aquarium water not only clarifies but also eliminates pollutants before they can deteriorate into toxic chemicals.

Mechanical filtration media for the removal of waste particles such as excess food, fish waste, plant material and other unwanted solids.

Bioscape Tropic Filter Pads can be cut to fit almost any filtration application, including power filters, trickle filters, wet-dry filters, power heads, canister filters, pond filters and other mechanical filter applications.

The large cut to size filter pads measure 254mm x 457mm, they are suitable for fresh or saltwater applications. With multiple

They work efficiently for clear and healthy water conditions, cut them to fit any existing filter.