Dog Rocks 200g

Dog Rocks 200g

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No more urine burn patches on your grass!!!!

Dog Rocks are a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rocks. When placed in your dog's water bowl Dog Rocks will filter out some of the impurities that turn the grass brown. 

Dog Rocks do not alter the pH balance of your pet's urine and are safe for use with all household pets sharing water bowls. Dog Rocks are not uniform in size and differ from pack to pack because they are entirely natural. The weight of each pack is minimum 200g so efficiency remains consistent. Each pack should contain 1-3 rocks. 

Recommended for best results: 

  • Replace your Dog Rocks every 2 months 
  • Ensure your dog's water bowl is the main source of drinking water 
  • Top up water each evening and replace water every few days 
  • For best results feed your dog a premium dry dog food and keep raw meat to a minimum
  • You should start to notice a change in your lawn's appearance within 3-5 weeks and new patches should not appear
  • Diary sticker included