Dymax Arobiotics 500ml

Dymax Arobiotics 500ml

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* Improve digestive system
* Restore digestive disorder
* Provide immunity
* Increase appetite
* Disease prevention
* Restore swim bladder problems

Apart from maintaining a good water quality for the fishes in the aquarium, Probiotics is also essential for improving the digestive system as many fish diseases and parasite infections are cause by digestive disorders eg. Protozoan or worm parasites, dropsy, swim bladder disease and even hole in the head.

Probiotics is defined as good bacteria in the gut, that help to keep the body working the way it should be. Once the fish digestive system is improved, its appetite will increase and immunity will be restored. Therefore it is essential to use for fish diseases prevention.


Shake well before use. Add 12ml (1 capful) of solution for every 60L of water. Dissolve with some aquarium water prior to adding to tank. Use weekly after each water change.

Suitable for both freshwater and planted aquarium.