Nino's Java Table Top Stand - Medium

Nino's Java Table Top Stand - Medium

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Tabletops are a SMALL TREE on a base that is the right size to fit on a table top – hence the name. It combines the benefits of a real tree (these are REAL TREES) but being small enough to comfortably fit in lots of spaces. Eg coffee table, the end of a kitchen bench, within an enclosure, at the end of an office desk etc. It gives your pet somewhere to hang out with you whilst you go about your business. The base of the tabletop helps to catch any mess.

Tabletops consist of a TREE with a polished stainless steel BOWL mounted on a furniture grade timber BASE. The base has 4 rubber feet. Tabletops are EASY TO MOVE around. You can hang toys etc from them. Being a real tree means the branches have the varying size, shapes and angles that a bird needs for their overall HEALTH.  Tabletops also PROMOTE more out of enclosure time, and time spent closer with your pet which is better for everyone.

SIZING is basically based on the branch diameter. Eg small bird has small foot therefore needs a small diametre branch. Having said that, the small size tabletop overall is smaller than a Large size tabletop. See below for dimensions. NOTE: Being real, each tabletop tree is a UNIQUE, ONE OFF individual produced by NATURE. No two are alike. It is worth noting that these are the ultimate gym, and being made of Java Wood means they are TOUGH. 

DIMENSIONS (cm)* – tree portion is generally contained within the base which is 5cm hi.

SMALL – Peachface, Parrotlet, Cockatiel etc – 43w x 28d x 30 to 50 hi  

MEDIUM – Cockatiel, Eclectus etc – 58w x 37d x 40 to 60 hi 

LARGE – Cockatoo, Macaw etc – 75w x 43d x 40 to 60 hi

Please note the bowl is not as shown in the images. The bowls are polished stainless steel designed to hold solids, not liquids.