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Oase Fishguard | 42720
Oase Fishguard | 42720
Oase Fishguard | 42720

Oase Fishguard | 42720

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OASE FishGuard

The automatic fish feeder supplies the fish in the aquarium around the clock. Up to four feedings with three dosages each can be pre-programmed per day via an LCD display. This makes it ideal for use in large aquariums with large fish populations, while the special sealing mechanism protects the food from moisture. A power supply unit can be purchased separately. This allows the device to switch to battery operation smoothly in the event of a power failure. The bracket for mounting on the aquarium wall for open aquariums or terrariums can also be purchased separately.

Key Features
  • Up to 12 doses of food daily
  • Safe power supply
  • Optimum protection against moisture
Technical Data
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120x78x93mm
Battery (not included) 4 x 1.5 V AA
Net weight 0.20kg
Guarantee * 3 Years
Suitable for food content up to max. 125cm3
Suitable for freshwater Yes
Suitable for saltwater
Product Code 08OA061