Dymax Bio-Volcanic 1kg

Dymax Bio-Volcanic 1kg

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Volcanic rock is a natural biological filtration material. The rough surface area allows for increased adhesion for bacteria, while ensuring the rapid decomposition of harmful substances. With its fast action of decomposition, this media is extremely effective for even large scale aquarium filtration systems. 

The Dymax Volcanic media is specially developed to offer optimum biological filtration for your aquarium compared to other media. 

Biological filtration is the action of helpful bacteria breaking down dangerous ammonia, converting it to nitrate and then converting nitrite to less toxic nitrate. 

  • Ideal for wet/dry and large scale aquarium filtration systems
  • Assists denitrifying due to deep pores surface
  • Ideal and safe for all aquarium and pond application (including marine) 
  • Provides surface area for bacteria colonization