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Northern Dwarf Tree Frogs (Litoria bicolor)

The Northern Dwarf Tree Frog is green tree frog that is small (up to 3 cm) and slender. It has a triangular head that is flattened, an elongated body, and relatively long limbs. The toes are entirely webbed, and the fingers are short with small terminal discs. Juveniles are brown, but when they grow older, they become more green. Brown lines run down both sides of the head and neck, with a white line on the bottom. They also have orange in the groin and thighs. 

The Northern Dwarf Tree Frog lives in grassland and marshy areas of Northern Australia, but they can also be found along permanent or semi-permanent streams, billabongs, and floodplains.

The breeding season begins with the beginning of the summer rains, with 10-24 eggs being laid on submerged vegetation in temporary ponds. Males call from elevated positions around the breeding site. The call is a "wree-e-eck pippip," with the second part beginning before the first part has finished. Tadpole metamorphosis takes 70 to 80 days.


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